Salvage & Recycling

SITECON is committed to Going Green by limiting disposal at landfills. SITECON separates material generated during our demolition and dismantling operations.

Concrete crushing for material re-use/landfill diversion

Our crews are trained to selectively separate concrete, wood and miscellaneous debris. Examples of material generated during our operations are reprocessed gravel, cobblestones, bricks, structural steel to include columns and miscellaneous steel, doors, windows and various non structural components.

Please contact us periodically for material that may be available for purchase.

Above is an example of concrete that was generated during a large scale demolition project on the former base at the Quonset Point Industrial Park in North Kingstown, R.I. SITECON performed several million dollars of abatement, demolition and sitework. As part of the scope of our work, over 50,000 tons of concrete was removed, crushed down to a 3” minus processed material, then used for backfill to eliminate disposal and the purchase of processed gravel material.

Surplus material was stockpiled for the owner’s reuse on future development in the  Industrial Park.