Featured Projects

SITECON is known for the outstanding work we are able to contribute to our customers in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. With over half a century of experience in the demolition industry, we have performed all aspects of construction while preserving the integrity around.

To show just a few of our projects :

Ladd School Demolition – This Project involved the complete environmental remediation, demolition and site restoration for 15 Hospital campus buildings located throughout this former State of RI Mental Institution. Hazardous materials abated included asbestos, lead paint, PCB’s, mercury, misc. chemicals and hazardous soils. Demolition included the salvage of several key architectural components as well as the removal of a 215 foot tall water tower adjacent to an active water tower, power lines and underground utilities. This project required work adjacent to an active aquifer as well as close coordination with local Native Americans, searching ancient burial grounds and camps.

Quonset – Davisville Demo Phase IV, V and VI- This project located at the former Quonset Naval Air Station involved hazardous materials abatement, utility removal and replacement, building and site removals, paving and site restoration of over 35 military barracks, mess halls, office buildings, air craft hangar and maintenance structures. This work was performed for the Quonset Development Corporation (State of RI) as part of a newly created industrial and commerce park. Hazardous materials removal included over 600,000 sf of combined asbestos and lead paint wall / ceiling coating material unique to this heavily reinforced concrete construction. All concrete was recycled and crushed on site for back fill. Saving material and disposal costs for the owner. Surplus material was stockpiled onsite for the owners use for road and site development at the new Quonset Industrial Park.

Ocean House Hotel Watch Hill in Westerly, Rhode Island. SITECON performed Lead Encapsulation, Asbestos Abatement and Structure Demolition of one of New England’s last grand hotels. The 136-year-old property, originally built just after the Civil War, is perched high on the bluffs in Watch Hill, Rhode Island. It was demolished to make way for the new Ocean House Hotel a luxury hotel with 49 guestrooms and 23 private residences. This was one of the more “public” demolition projects in Rhode Island in years. The area was surrounded by multi-million dollar homes and our client commended SITECON, stating that there was not one complaint from any neighbors during demolition and that the site was kept extremely clean during our lead encapsulation, asbestos abatement and structure demolition. “SITECON went above and beyond to exceed our expectations.”