SITECON has a reputation for excellence in safety among its clients, as evidenced by their own assessments of SITECON’s work.

Utilizing state-of-the-art safety equipment for loss prevention

SITECON Corporation prides itself on maintaining an excellent safety standard reflected in our Experience Modification Rating (EMR), which is one of the lowest in the industry. We insist that safety be a top priority and strive to maintain safe working practices through education, training and preventative measures.

We realize that the most valuable asset is our team members and are committed to providing a safe work environment. We accomplish this through weekly onsite safety meetings, properly maintained tools and equipment, and well trained supervisors, workers, and subcontractors.

Weekly safety meeting
Utilizing proper fall protection and PPE

The overall goal of SITECON Corporation is zero lost-time accidents. To achieve this we have established the following objectives and goals:

  • Providing adequate safeguards to the maximum extent possible
  • Conducting health and safety inspections to identify and eliminate unsafe working conditions or practices to control health hazards and to comply fully with all safety and health standards
  • Providing necessary personal protective equipment and instruction for its use and care
  • Training all employees in health and safety practices on a consistent basis
  • Developing, updating and enforcing health and safety rules and requiring that all employees cooperate with these regulations
  • In the event of an unlikely accident or incident we investigate promptly and thoroughly to determine the cause and take actions to prevent a reoccurrence.

SITECON Corporation is proactive in safety and fully complies with current local, state and federal regulations along with adapting additional measures in response to specific project requirements.

As a premier specialty contractor SITECON Corporation holds safety in the highest regard. Our goal is to Work effectively and with efficiency for our clients, to complete their projects on time or more likely ahead of schedule.