Consulting Services

SITECON has a team of experienced and dedicated professionals available to provide client’s with consulting services in several capacities to meet specific project needs.

BudgetsTo assist with the financial planning of your project, SITECON’S experienced team will provide you with detailed cost assessments and projections.

Project consultation: Our experienced team is able to effectively guide you through the process of your project from pre-construction to post completion.

Regulations: Regulations in the construction industry are daunting. With over 52 years in the business our team of professionals has a comprehensive understanding of the regulations governing all areas of construction.

Let us help you sort through them to ensure your project runs smoothly and efficiently. 

Purchasing/Real Estate Transactions: Our team can also be very helpful at critical stages of real estate transactions and negotiations. Our team can identify any environmental hazards and assess the costs associated with addressing the problems before the transaction has already occurred.

Means and Methods: Unsure about how to proceed with a project or phase of a project? Our team members can show you the most effective and efficient way to proceed. We can help you with phasing, scheduling, order of work, and other organizational steps. We can also counsel you on the safest way to complete the work, and advise of any pertinent OSHA requirements.

LEEDs Requirements and Credits: The LEEDs program is becoming increasingly significant in the construction industry, with the majority of contractors making a concerted effort to “go green”. Our LEEDS AP team members assist you with this intensive and often confusing green building process. We can help advise you about the program in general, what requirements must be met for certification, and available project credits.

Asbestos Project Designer – SITECON’s  team includes personnel who are certified to develop and design  asbestos abatement projects and to write Asbestos Abatement Plans for our clients. Asbestos project designers are trained and certified by the state where they work to understand and interpret laboratory analysis and building inspection data and reports pertaining to asbestos. Our designers are very   knowledgeable about building systems, as well as asbestos related state and federal regulations.