Lead Abatement

SITECON is a lead abatement contractor which performs lead removals in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut in the public and private sector including state and federal municipalities, retail, residential, educational, industrial and health care facilities. We pride ourselves on completing projects ahead of schedule, while maintaining a safe work environment with the most qualified personnel and state of the art equipment available.

Exterior removal of asbestos containing siding, coated with lead base paint of a 66,000 sf hanger
Deleading in compliance with historical regulations
Mechanical abatement of hazardous lead base paint coating utilizing specialty equipment

Lead paint coated surfaces have become highly regulated due to the dangers it poses to the health of citizens, as well as the environment where lead paint persists. Lead level standards which are established by agencies such as OSHA and HUD are stringently regulated.  Owners of residential, industrial and commercial property as well as other facilities can be held liable if excessive lead levels are found within their structures. Complacency or the improper removal of lead-coated surfaces, can result in severe penalties. In cases where lead poisoning can be traced directly to the building environment, owners may face even harsher penalties.

SITECON Corporation as a premier specialty lead abatement contractor works in full compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) lead in construction standard, protecting the project site and the environment.